I decided to have an official photo shoot of my Impa (Skyward Sword) before I potentially retired the costume. She is what got me into cosplaying and I’m so glad that this costume has held up for two years!

Photography by Cerulean Photography

Hello! I was searching for Impa cosplays so i could help out my friend with her cosplay and neither of us have a clue of how we should tackle her cloak/cape and that's exactly why i'm here! Could you help me by explaining how you made her cloak? I'm very sorry for approaching you out of nowhere but i'm extremely grateful for any help or pointers you could give me.

I love questions!

I made Impa a long time ago so I don’t remember some details and she was a two week project. :P

The cloth I used was some kind of a synthetic knit…polyester maybe?

Here is a picture of the cape laid out. Where the gold designs become smaller is where it will wrap around your shoulder as opposed to the larger designs near your feet.

What I did to put it on was I folded the corner with the smallest designs underneath the side of the cape with the designs and draped the cape around my shoulders. Then I pinned the two new edges together. Here is a good photo for a visual of what I mean. I also had an extra piece of rectangular cloth that I would wrap around my neck and shoulders so that it would not be so obviously pinned. Example.

The gold designs were the same kind of fabric and were adhered by an iron on adhesive that you can find at Joanns.

Let me know if anything was too confusing or if you have more questions! I have a lot of pictures of the costume under my Impa album on my facebook page.

I think you are officially my hero *_*! You're an awesome cosplayer and want to be a vet (is that right or I got this wrong from your facebook page?)= whatever I want to be. Keep up the awesome work >-<!!

Thank you very much! I’m studying to become an avian veterinarian (got to pay for this hobby somehow, haha). Your message means a lot too me and I hope you continue to follow these passions as well!

My next convention stop will be Dragon con 2014. I will be revamping my Valka Haddock cosplay and may even be submitting it into a craftsmanship contest there. This will be my first time at this convention! I&#8217;m so excited!!

My next convention stop will be Dragon con 2014. I will be revamping my Valka Haddock cosplay and may even be submitting it into a craftsmanship contest there. This will be my first time at this convention! I’m so excited!!

i was wondering if you had any tips for someone looking to make a Valka Haddock cosplay? What did you make the staff out of, for example. Thank you.

First off, you can always go to my progress page:

I have posted tons of WIP pictures and tutorials there!

As for basic tips, I ended up just using a lot of micro suede and craft foam. The arm and leg pieces had a craft foam base which made them puff out and the individual sections of the chest piece were all glued onto separate pieces of craft foam. (The base of the chest was EVA Foam)

The staff was made with a dowel rod and cardboard base which I then put expanding foam on. I carved that, put bondo (car filler) on it, sanded it down, and used paper clay for details.

The shield was carved from insulation foam with a pvc sheet back. I then put micro suede on top of that.

All horns and spikes were made from insulation foam that was hardened with wood glue.

The helmet was a craft foam base with a little bondo at the top to give the horns something solid to hold on to.

If you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them!

I give you my Valka Haddock cosplay from How To Train Your Dragon 2!

1st Place Western Division at Colossalcon 2014

Photography by The Portrait Dude (

For more pictures and how I made the costume:

You need to see this movie!

Note: This costume was completed before the movie was released.

Some fun photos from Ohayocon 2014 with my Black Knight costume!

Dost thou even praise the sun?


The Black Knight (Dark Souls) photo shoot taken by Iconiq Cosplay Photography at Ohayocon 2014.

Praise the sun!

Cosplayer: Siha


I present to you: The Black Knight from Dark Souls!

Your fear sustains me!


So my Turbo Twin cosplay made an appearance in this video. LMAO.

My Commander Shepard cosplay was in here too!